Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Below are list of some unique villages in India

We all know India is known for its culture and uniqueness. Below i have managed to collect and share some of unique villages in India.

01. SHANI SHIGNAPUR, Maharashtra.
In the entire Village all Houses are without Doors. Even No Police Station. No Thefts.

02. SHETPHAL, Maharashtra.
Villagers have SNAKES in every family as their members.

03. HIWARE BAZAR, Maharashtra.
Richest Village in India. 60 Millionaires. No one is poor and highest GDP.

04. PUNSARI, Gujrath.
Most modern Village. All Houses with CCTV & WI-FI. All street lights are Solar Powered.

05. JAMBUR, Gujarath.
All villagers look like Africans but are Indians. Nicknamed as African Village.

06. KULDHARA, Rajasthan.
Haunted village. No one lives there. All Houses are abandoned.

07. KODINHI, Kerela.
Village of TWINS. More than 400 Twins.

08. MATTUR, Karnataka.
Village with 100% SANSKRIT speaking people in their normal day to day conversation.

09. BARWAAN KALA, Bihar.
Village of Bachelors. No marriage since last 50 years.

10. MAWLYNNONG, Meghalaya.
Cleanest village of Asia. Also with an amazing Balancing huge Rock on a tiny rock.

11. RONGDOI, Assam.
As per Villagers beliefs, Frogs are married to get RAINS.

12 .Korlai  village,  Raigad, Maharashtra.
The only  village  speaking  Portuguese language .

Many of us don't know may not know about these unique places keep sharing.

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