Sunday, December 2, 2018

Chennai to Mangalore Road Trip

Chennai and Mangalore are very close to my heart and i drive frequently. Chennai-Bangalore NH is a Autobahn of India for drivers who love their machine.

There are multiple routes through which we can reach Mangalore (Mangaluru), some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Chennai - Bangalore - Hassan - Sakaleshpur (Shiradi Ghat) - Mangalore  [Subharamanya can be visited by taking a detour]

  2. Chennai - Bangalore - Hassan - Charmadi Ghat (Chickmagalur) - Mangalore [Dharmasthala can be visited by taking a detour]

  3. Chennai - Bangalore - Shivamogga - Agumbe Ghat - Mangalore. [Udupi Krishna Temple can be visited by taking a detour]

  4. Chennai - Bangalore - Mysore - Coorg - Mangalore [One of the most scenic way but higher distance]

There are few other routes to reach Mangaluru through Kerala and Goa as well but the distance is considerably high.

Its the time of the year when it rains in Coastal Karnataka and my crave for rain motivated me to take this drive from Chennai to Mangalore. After some research i decided to take Shiradi Ghat as they claim the newly constructed route is good and i believed it would save some travel time and simultaneously enjoy beauty of this wonderful western ghat.

I decided to fill fuel previous night so as to avoid wasting your valuable 15-20 minutes on the day of your journey. Tyre Pressure was checked and a brief inspection of Tyre was done to check for buttons on the Tyre since roads may be slippery during rains, especially curves in the Ghats. Filled wiper tank with water and wiper wash shampoo. I decided to carry additional wiper wash and water as the glasses are prone to get dirty during light showers. I always prefer to use FastTag as it saves considerable time while cruising on the highway. You feel like VIP when you cruise through a dedicated lane when others are waiting in a queue!

To avoid traffic we decided to leave by 05:00 in the morning and exit the city by 06:00. There are plenty of restaurants such as Murugan Idly, Saravana Bhavan, Komalas etc which are situated at a distance of 1-2 hours from Chennai. One can have a peaceful breakfast after exiting Chennai traffic in any of these restaurants.
Breakfast at Murugan Idly

Murugan Idly is a decent place and has sufficient parking space.

After a long drive we decided to have proper South Indian Thali at Kamath Upchar Hotel somewhere in between Bangalore-Hassan

Beautiful Fields
Chai Stop

We took Hassan Route and below are the pics captured enroute!

Shiradi Ghats - Hassan
Shiradi Ghats - Hassan

View from Shiradi Ghat
Bangalore-Hassan Highway


Above video was captured during drive through Maravante Beach, Karnataka

Don't forget to eat yummy Goli Baje and Buns once u reach Mangalore.
Golibaje with Coconut Chutny... Absolutely Mind Blowing
Mirchi Baje .. Yummy

During our stay in Mangalore we drove down to experience the amazing drive of Agumbe ghats where no heavy vehicles are allowed. Below is a quick video of our driving experience..

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